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Terra Trac A/T II

Features and Benefits

The Hercules Terra Trac AT II – The Promise of Performance.

When the terrain demands a tire that can outperform and over deliver, Terra Trac AT II is ready for the challenge. This premium, all-terrain tire is a versatile performer that takes all terrain to a new terrain, delivering a quieter ride and complete control. And with a sophisticated tread design that can tackle even the harshest elements, Terra Trac AT II is the practical choice for everyday driving, in every condition, on every surface.


Silica infused AT-C tread compound delivers superior wet and off-road traction.
Lateral grooves and heavy siping boost traction in adverse weather conditions.
Pitch sequence spreads sound over a range of frequencies for a quieter, more comfortable ride.
Modern profile creates a stable contact patch for balanced on- and off-road performance.

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Size MSPN Price Each  
LT215/85R16 04112 $170.64 More Info
225/75R16 04378 $127.83 More Info
235/70R16 04371 $140.70 More Info
235/75R15XL 04137 $126.76 More Info
LT235/85R16 04113 $167.81 More Info
245/70R16 04367 $148.19 More Info
245/70R17 04368 $172.07 More Info
245/75R16 04377 $145.84 More Info
LT245/75R16 04124 $184.66 More Info
LT245/75R17 04126 $213.13 More Info
255/70R16 04375 $153.13 More Info
265/65R18 04364 $210.46 More Info
265/70R16 04372 $161.99 More Info
265/70R17 04373 $169.03 More Info
LT265/70R17 04118 $210.33 More Info
265/70R18 04374 $206.30 More Info
LT265/70R18 04142 $201.93 More Info
265/75R16 04381 $157.10 More Info
LT265/75R16 04127 $191.96 More Info
275/55R20 04358 $226.50 More Info
275/60R20 04108 $225.20 More Info
275/65R18 04366 $219.31 More Info
LT275/65R20 04107 $305.36 More Info
LT275/70R18 04123 $227.04 More Info
31X10.50R15 04114 $168.83 More Info
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